Himachal Pradesh is one of the most adventurous destination in India! Sitting on the lap of the Himalayas, this state is the home of several high mountain passes, peaks, rivers and waterfalls! Here is some trekking we selected for you (best season for trekking from April to June and September to October):

Magic View

What about a little morning trek to enjoy a delicious breakfast with a gorgeous view? This trek is easy and takes you to the oldest tea shop of the region through the forest and breathtaking landscapes.

  • 1/2 day trek
  • Beginner trek
  • 4km return trek

Triund Trek

One of the most scenic and peaceful trek of the region, Triund is located in the magnificent Dhauladhar range.

  • 1 day trek
  • Moderate trek
  • 10km return trek
  • Trek starts at 2100m and goes up to 2850m

Dharamkot waterfall

This trek is a beautiful path through the forest, possibility to swim in the crystal clear waterfall for the one who doesn't fear the glacier cold water!

  • 1/2 day trek
  • Beginner trek
  • 4km return trek

Snowline trek

A few meters above Triund trek is the snowline. If you want to come and touch the snow, be near the glacier and enjoy the silence, this is the right place for you. Enjoy a unique sunrise and sunset while spending an overnight in a tent there.

  • 2 days 1 night trek
  • Moderate trek
  • 14km return trek
  • Trek starts at 2100m and goes up to 3350m

Indrahar Pass trek

This trek is a chalenging one, even though it follows one of the more established trails used by the Gaddi shepherds on the way for their summer grazing pastures in the upper Ravi Valley and Lahaul. The ascent to the Indrahar Pass involves a continual climb often over scree or boulders which needs a good fitness level. During the trek, in the south are spectacular views of the Indian plains, in the north is the sacred peak of Mani Mahesh Kailash. 2 nights in the tent along the way.

  • 3 days 2 nights
  • Difficult trek
  • 35km return trek
  • Trek starts at 2100m and goes up to 4300m

Kareri Lake trek

This glacial Kareri lake trek will take you through a journey of the most scenic views, lush green forest, snowcapped mountains, innumerable streams, dense jungle and stunning lake! Accomodation in a homestay in Kareri village for 2 nights

  • 3 days 2 night trek
  • Medium trek
  • 30km return trek
  • Trek starts at 2000m and goes up to 3300m

Minkiani Pass trek

Same trek as the Kareri Lake trek but for the more adventurous, you can stay an overnight at the lake in a tent and wake up early to reach the Minkiani Pass and enjoy from there a panoramic view of the Himalayas.

  • 4 days 3 nights
  • Difficult trek
  • 48km return trek
  • Trek starts at 2000m goes up to 4200m