Adventure Sports in Dharamsala

Trekking is not the only adventure sport in Dharamsala, here are some other that we selected for you


Soar in the sky like a bird with the Dhauladhar ranges at the backdrop in Dharamsala. Paraglading has been quite a hype in the last few years and adventure enthusiats are coming from all over India for taking a dive in the sky.

Best season for paraglading: all year round (monsoon may cause restrictions in july and august)


Apart from all the adrenaline rushing activities, Dharamsala also gives the chance to sit and relax beside the river and try hands on fishing. Blessed with number of streams and rivers, Dharamsala has become a new destination to spend time catching some river fishes while admiring the scenic views.

Rock climbing

One more option for the adventurous souls, the rock climbing. The uneven mountains enclose the town and the challenging terrains give the perfect plot for an adventurer to calm down their adreanaline rush.


Rushing downstream with the strong river flows, negotiating turbulent rapids, water droplets hitting youy face is your cup of tea? You found the right place for it. Rivers born in Hamalayan glacial valleys make a rapid descent before entering the plains and on the course they have cut out graded stretches that have attracted white water rafters from India and overseas.
Best time for rafting: June to july and late october to early february