Yoga & Meditation

Dharamsala is a spiritual place in the mountains, many people interested in relaxing activities as yoga, meditation, massage... will enjoy this aspect of the city. We can organise for you an hour meditation or yoga or any practices, as well as a full week of Vipassana or silent meditation retreat... Here are some exemples of the activities we can offer you:

Tushita meditation centre

Tushita is a centre for the study and practice of Buddhism from Tibetan Mahayana tradition. Different courses are available for those who are new to Buddhism as well as returning students who would like to deepen their study and practice. Tushita is extremely fortunate to offer courses and teaching events with special Lamas and Geshes.

Opening months: from February to November. Closed on Sundays.


Umaya is a space (physical and virtual), decicated to raise the consciousness and well-being of people, to promote a grounded spirutuality, bring emotional healing, authentic human connections and the understanding of oneself through Self-knowledge.The center offer different workshops as "the art of Self-Love" (3 days workshop), "Opening of the heart" (3 days workshop) or classes as "Ecstatic dance", "Rebirthing breathwork sessions".
Opening months: 1st April to 15 july, 1st september to 1 november.

Mountain Ashram

A christian community is settled in the region and offer meditations/movement meditation and devotion cercles based on bible. A beautiful community to spend time with, to exchange or to share deep religious talks.

Ayurvedic massages, Tibetan massages, Yoga training courses... and many more activites are available in the region, please feel free to ask us what you are interested in and we will for sure find what you need.