About Us

Who We Are?

We are indian french/russian couple and after traveling for almost 4 years around the world and 2 years around India, we finally decided to settle down in our favorite place in the whole world, the Himalayas. Passionate about trekking and tourism we decided to open our own travel agency to make you discover why our heart is beating for this region! I am Stephanie, I am French/Russian, I worked in the tourism field for more than 10 years in France as I have a master degree in international management tourism. My husband Sashi is Indian, he is a Web Developer and also the director of an NGO evening school in bodhgaya.

What is the difference between us and other agencies you will ask? Here is our answers:

In your own language
Tailor made tours
Unbeatable price
No minimum participant
5% donation
10 years experience

  • First, we would like to differentiate our travel agency by offering you a personal and 100% guided service in different languages, I can speak French, English and Russian fluently and Sashi can speak, English, Hindi and Bengali. The organisation of your customized tour as well as the tour itself will be in your own language, no need for you to struggle with a language you don’t understand, all is done for you to feel home away from home!

  • Second, we don’t want to have all prepared packages for you, we can plan and create any trip according to your wishes, your time, and your budget. We want to make the perfect customized tour for you. No minimum participant for the journey, guaranteed departure for all. If you are a single traveler or if you are a group, we will treat you as a guest and will welcome you open hands in the Indian ways of hospitality.

  • Third, we offer you unbeatable local prices. As we are living in India, all will be booked and negotiated from India itself, you won’t be charge with expensive abroad prices for traveling in India. We want your money to benefit the local populations, that’s why you will get cheap local prices for accommodations, transports, food.
  • Finally, as the NGO we are part of is really important for us, 5% donation will be made from the total benefit of your journey to our school. (Click here to know more about the school)